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Being a high school failure who returned to school at age 44, and having lived through three abusive relationships, Fiona Harewood overcame and is most motivated when she dares dropouts to become dream makers, inspires current students to complete their education, challenges victims of abuse to rise above their circumstances, and equips those new to relationships to steer clear of domestic violence and abuse. Her educational background includes a Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies from Pierce College and a Master's in Public Policy from Drexel University. She is the author of two non-fiction books which chronicles some of her life experiences and is also a certified life coach.

D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I Did It…You Can, Too! is highly recommended, inspirational reading for school dropouts or anyone who would re-enter the educational system and obtain their degree. This is not autobiography posing as self-help. Fiona Harewood presents many tools for those assessing not just how to return to the educational system, but why. The first questions that should […]

Let’s talk a little about the dropout situation in our schools.

Research has found a link between dropouts and students who do not read enough. According to the New York Times of March 19th 2012 children who aren’t reading proficiently by fourth grade are four times likely to drop out from high school.  The same article cites National Assessment of Educational Progress, indicating that only 34 […]

Sacrifices For An Education – Is It Really Worth It?

It is almost 15 months since the senseless shooting incident of my brother, Dr. Linden F. Lord, fondly referred to as Doc or Lino.  The news of that Friday evening of October 14th, 2011 which reported that Linden was shot in the head and is being airlifted to Kingston University Hospital in Jamaica, still hangs […]

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