It’s never too late to realize your ambitions.  Take the first step by daring to dream big dreams. Then have the confidence to take a few risks and make those dreams a reality.  You’ll be glad you did.

– Don MacRae

Fiona Harewood always wanted to be an author, but never really thought it possible until she started working as a part-time housekeeper for Karen E. Quinones Miller, bestselling author of “Satin Doll”, and other novels.  One day while washing dishes, she told Miller of her dream. “Put together what you have, and I’ll critique it and let you know,” Miller told her.  That was where it started!

Prior to embarking on her dream career, Harewood grew up in Guyana, South America, and was a high school failure.  Before migrating to the United States in February 2001, she lived in Barbados, West Indies, for thirteen years and worked in the airline industry. 

After a few years living in the United States, and cleaning homes, Harewood decided she didn’t want to be a housekeeper anymore; her limited education prevented her from obtaining jobs she desired.  Hence, at aged 44 she packed her bag and went back to school.  Harewood has since finished a Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies and a Master’s in Public Policy at Peirce College and Drexel University, respectively.

While in college, Harewood realized the dropout situation and described it as an epidemic. She then reasoned that if she was able to complete her education, others can do it, too.  Consequently, she chose to study the dropout situation in the United States for her master’s research paper. 

Thereafter, she committed to motivating current students to persevere thoughout their educational journey and challenge dropouts to dare to become dream makers.  This triggered the writing of her first book – “I Did It, You Can, Too!”

She has appeared on the Urban Connections Podcast and Breakthrough Success Podcast; and also made guest appearances on National Communications Network (NCN) and Channel 9 News, overseas.

Harewood also conducts motivational workshops and seminars and coaches groups and individuals, inspiring youths to stay in school and encouraging dropouts to return to academia.  She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and works as a Staff Assistant with the Federal Government.  Harewood is currently finishing her third book. 

what i teach

4 Rules for Success

  • “I Did It . . .” and its Relevance to the Student’s Overall Success

  • Dare to Live your Dream Life

  • How to pursue your educational goals while working

  • How to Apply for Scholarships & Pay for College


  • Hard Knocked Lessons from the Thrice Married

  • Rocky Marriage? Rebuild a Solid Foundation

  • How to Love yourself

  • How to Break the Silence of Domestic Violence & Abuse 
  • How to Recognize Abusive Relationships

  • How to Steer Clear of Abusive Relationships

  • When to get out

  • How and Where to Find Help

  • How to Find Healing After Abuse
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