“Never too old to
make it happen”




I am an author, life coach and speaker, empowering women who have been abused, people who are struggling with their faith and students who are demotivated, to overcome, so they can rise above their circumstances, then ignite the world.


The Right Fit for Your Needs

Whether you are in need of One-on-One Coaching or Workshops, I strive to make an impact for diverse groups and individuals.  I’ve coached on a variety of topics in many different settings.

No form of abuse must be tolerated.
We empower you to identify abuse; walk away, find help and be an overcomer!

Is school challenging? Are you a dropout? We will empower you, so you can rise above your fears, persevere and be an overcomer!

Are you struggling with your faith? Do you want to trust God but don’t know how? We empower you, so your faith rise in God, you experience Him for yourself and become an overcomer!


  • Workshops

  • Professional Events

  • Schools

  • GED Programs

  • Church Programs

  • Re-Entry Programs

  • Shelters & Recovery Homes

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In her memoir, River Never Smooth Reclaiming Power After Abuse, the author rolls back the curtains to her deepest failures, hurts and secrets, revealing how she overcame abuse.
In her book she integrates solutions from research, experience, education and faith. Fiona unfurls a workable model to help anyone hurtling down the road of abuse, or those who are broken, to reclaim their power even after abuse, emerging overcomers.