We Empower! You Overcome!

self-love: the key to sucessful relationships

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Who is this course for?

If You truthfully answer YES to any of these questions,
then this course is for YOU!
  • Does your situation cause you to be afraid or ashamed?
  • Are you afraid of the reprecussions if your partner finds out that you are trying to get out of your toxic relationship?
  • Are you a victim of abuse longing to rise above your circumstances, find healing, and live life to its full potential?
  • Are you at times locked-in with your partner in an abusive relationship?
  • Are you new at dating?
  • Do you care about your loved ones?

Break The Silence of Abuse & Survival Strategies For Your Relationship During COVID-19 & Beyond!

Domestic Violence is a pandemic within a Pandemic

COVID-19 recently surfaced but domestic violence has been around since the beginning of time. We’re earnestly creating vaccines for COVID-19, but sweeping domestic violence under the rug.

You may refuse to see it but that doesn’t change the reality.

Domestic violence has infiltrated our jobs, schools, homes, churches and communities.

CEOs, managers and supervisors, how are your employees? Don’t wait until you’re forced to employ grief counselors!

Professors, deans, guidance counselors, how are your students? Educate them today, so they don’t become a statistic tomorrow.

Family members, listen to your loved ones now so you won’t have to be at a crime scene later.

Pastors, equip and encourage your congregation so the abused can be strengthened and abusers find deliverance.

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We Empower! You Overcome!

Your outcomes after taking this course?

You will overcome your negative situations because you will be learning from someone who can relate to your pain, hurt and fears and has emerged an overcomer.

If you are new at dating, you will learn to steer clear of domestic violence and abuse.

If even after abuse, you find it hard to reach your full potential, or if you’re involved with an abusive partner, you will find healing and rise above your circumstances.

You will also learn:

  1. How to Love yourself
  2. How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships   
  3. How to identify abuse
  4. How to Break The Silence of Abuse
  5. How and Why You should take the Risks of leaving an abusive relationship
  6. How to safely leave your toxic union and
  7. Survival strategies during COVID-19 & Beyond 

What people say about this course

I give this course 5 stars! It is very informative and filled with everything you need to know, not only about abusive relationships, but also healthy relationships, how to build your self esteem and love yourself; taking risks in leaving toxic relationships and many more. It will equip you with the tools needed to walk away from any abusive relationship. Fiona Harewood teaches from personal experiences and helps students who are facing this situation or similar situations to understand it is ok to walk away sooner than later, or even try to mend your relationship if it is not toxic. I am happy I have completed the course and will be more vigilant to see the signs of abuse before it happens. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone dating, thinking about dating or is in a relationship. Domestic violence is a serious topic and I like the fact that the instructor did a great job with the videos which makes the topics interesting and enjoyable to watch. It is a MUST DO!
DeAnn Maughn
The teacher shared her personal story as well as provided data to reinforce why ending abuse is so important.

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