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the pandemic whithin a pandemic

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The Pandemic Within A Pandemic:
Breaking The Silence Of Abuse & Survival Strategies During Covid-19 & Beyond

Domestic Violence is the Pandemic Within A Pandemic!

COVID-19 recently surfaced but domestic violence has been around since the beginning of time. We’re earnestly creating vaccines for COVID-19, but sweeping domestic violence under the rug.

You may refuse to see it but that doesn’t change the reality.

Domestic violence has infiltrated our jobs, schools, homes, churches and communities.

CEOs, managers and supervisors, how are your employees? Don’t wait until you’re forced to employ grief counselors!

Professors, deans, guidance counselors, how are your students? Educate them today, so they don’t become a statistic tomorrow.

Family members, listen to your loved ones now so you won’t have to be at a crime scene later.

Pastors, equip and encourage your congregation so the abused can be strengthened and abusers find deliverance.

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We Empower! You Overcome! 

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