The Pandemic Within a Pandemic

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Breaking The Silence of Abuse & Survival Strategies For Your Relationships During COVID-19 & Beyond

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Who Is This Course For:

  1. If you are new at relationships
  2. If you are in an abusive relationship
  3. Your relationship causes you to be afraid or ashamed
  4. You are a victim of abuse longing to find healing and rise above your circumstances
  5. You are locked-in with your abusive partner during COVID-19 and other times
  6. You are family member or friend to a victim of abuse


What are your OUTCOMES From Doing This Course:

  1. You will be learning from someone who can relate to your pain, hurt and fears and has emerged an overcomer
  2. If you are new at dating, you will learn to steer clear of domestic violence and abuse
  3. You will learn survival strategies during COVID-19 & Beyond
  4. You will also learn How to Love yourself
  5. How to Cultivate Healthy Relationships
  6. How to Identify Abuse
  7. How to Break The Silence of Abuse
  8. How and Why You should take the Risks of leaving an abusive relationship
  9. How to safely leave your toxic union
  10. You will learn to replace self-sabotaging beliefs with positivity; You will learn how to overcome fear and insecurity
  11. How to think strategically by asking yourself the hard questions and answering them honestly, then measure your problem, analyze it and take action


Being a high school failure who returned to school at age 44, and having lived through three abusive relationships, Fiona Harewood overcame and is most motivated when she dares dropouts to become dream makers, inspires current students to complete their education, challenges victims of abuse to rise above their circumstances, and equips those new to relationships to steer clear of domestic violence and abuse.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor's in Paralegal Studies from Pierce College and a Master's in Public Policy from Drexel University. She is the author of two non-fiction books which chronicles some of her life experiences and is also a certified life coach.


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