D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I Did It…You Can, Too! is highly recommended, inspirational reading for school dropouts or anyone who would re-enter the educational system and obtain their degree.

This is not autobiography posing as self-help. Fiona Harewood presents many tools for those assessing not just how to return to the educational system, but why. The first questions that should be asked are the purpose of going back to school, whether it be career-related or for a better sense of self.

Topics include assessing common barriers to returning to school as an older learner (those include financial concerns, family makeup and needs, and time and ability) to locating resources, mentors, and handling the routines of school itself by joining a study group or understanding the pitfalls of dropping and adding classes. Harewood covers the entire structure of school systems as she helps readers identify their place in it as adult learners.

Harewood doesn’t claim that this process is suitable for everyone. Indeed, readers are encouraged to carefully consider their resources, goals, abilities, and purposes in returning to the educational fold. By having a reasoned assessment of all obstacles and possibilities involved in re-entry, learners receive all the tools necessary for assuring their goals are met without unpleasant surprises.

I Did It…You Can, Too! might sound as though it will be an autobiographical inspirational piece; but the wealth of practical information gained from the author’s experiences are backed by solid insights into the educational system’s pitfalls and opportunities, making this book the best place to begin for a successful educational re-entry effort.

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