River Never Smooth: Reclaiming Power After Abuse Hardcover




Despite being abused, Angelique kept going back because she mistook abuse for love. Sound familiar? Abusive relationships have not been relegated to the past. They are still prevalent today among the rich and poor, male and female, old and young, black and white . . . as Angelique is well aware.

Angelique Castor falls for a dashing singer, which becomes her first mistake. He has good looks but no backbone. She then realizes he is no knight in shining armor, and this forces her to make tough choices. One bad choice eventually leads to another. How does Angelique deal with her mistakes? How will her story end?

In River Never Smooth: Reclaiming Power After Abuse, author, speaker, and life coach, Fiona Harewood, uses the persona, Angelique, to recap her riveting life’s journey, showing how she overcame abuse and reclaimed her power. Angelique’s story concludes with an exclusive model for finding healing. She teaches from experience, research, education, and faith.

After reading River Never Smooth, you will:
•Identify abuse and know how to deal with it
•Know when to move on
•Live a life free of regrets
•Rise above your circumstances, and emerge an overcomer

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