24 Days Prayer to the Rescue Series




In a world that has apparently gone mad, it appears as if people are replacing the Bible with guns. Safety seems to be a myth. TV, the Internet, print media, and the radio bombard us with tragic events, that shatter our communities and, ultimately, our world. Although the situation appears dismal, Author Fiona Harewood believes that prayer is still the answer for a confused and troubled world. In this transparent book, the author shares how God responded to the calls for help that she and others made amid challenging experiences, and how He came to their rescue. Sometimes His answer was, yes; sometimes, it was no. Sometimes He stepped in even before she had time to call on Him! 24 Days: Prayer to the Rescue, references individual miraculous accounts of life changing circumstances, and reveals a model that helps readers realize that their problems are solved when they focus, not on the problem, but on the Problem Solver! After reading 24 Days: Prayer to the Rescue Series, you will learn: that God has no favorites, and He still performs miracles for ordinary people, everyday; to persevere in every situation, knowing there is nothing too hard for God; to allow your faith in God to develop and to trust Him even when His answer is, “No” and that God is all-knowing, so sometimes He answers even before we call on Him.

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