How Is Your Class Participation?

Let Me See The Hands of Those . . .

How is your class participation?

Did you know that your participation in class counts for a percentage of your grade? Sometimes it can be scary, participating in class, especially if you are not sure of the answer. In my book, I Did It. . .You Can, Too! I told students that in order for them to have a successful journey, one of the many things they need to do is participate in class.

Why do you need to participate?

Well, there are advantages of class participation:

  • Asking questions and making presentations aid your learning

  • You eventually conquer fear

  • Increases your grade and GPA

  • It is preparation/practice for public speaking

To make participation easier you should:

  1. Read ahead

  2. Prepare

  3. Listen

  4. Practice at home

After you have done that you are ready to contribute—participate!

Let’s talk a little about Listening

Listening is not always easy because while in class you may find your mind wandering. Here are some ways you can remain focused:

  • Take notes

  • Visualize what the professor or teacher is saying. You can do so by forming images in your head ⸺ this will help your concentration

  • Ponder what your classmates may be sharing

  • Silence or turn off your cell phones to ease distraction

  • Sip water to help keep you awake

According to the Center For Teaching And Faculty Development, you must train your mind to listen for certain prompts from your professor or teacher during class. These include phrases such as:

“Now, this is important . . .”

“The point I’d like to make is . . .”

“In summary . . .” and many others.

These cues will help you recognize main ideas and significant points that should be reconsidered.

According to wiki How Listening Skills, some steps you can take to enhance your listening:

  • look at the teacher

  • sit up

  • sit away from best friends.

Remember I told you I went back to school when I was 44? When I first started attending classes I was shy. I had to come to the place where I recognized I was there to learn and being shy wouldn’t help me. Then I learned to focus less on those around me, especially those who appeared to know it all. If I didn’t understand something, I asked questions. You will find that there will be someone else who needed the answer to that same question, or vice versa.

So, as of this week, take steps to improve your participation in class. Prepare. Then when a question is asked, or if you do not understand something, raise your hands, stand up and speak up! You will love the change participation brings. And remember my favorite verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13.

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